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Join host, Jenn Hart as she wanders creator spaces across the U.S. to meet artists, musicians, makers, and creatives of all kinds to hear their stories, find out what inspires them, and play a game of ten questions that usually falls off the rails in the most delightful way.


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Las Vegas and Philadelphia Artists

Jenn and Justin Laughing

In season 1, we're paying homage to our hometown, Las Vegas, and our new home, Philadelphia.

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Episode 1 with Justin Green

Episode 2 with Nancy Good

Episode 3 with Ashley Zabarte

Episode 7 with Whitney Bansin

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Episode Credits

Episode 4 with Chelsey Luster 

Episode 5 with G + Rizz

Episode 6 with Sarah McAnulty 

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Success to Hart House Creative is using our problem-solving ways to help educate businesses and lift up fellow makers by building an organization that anchors on empathy, integrity, and innovation. This podcast is one piece of our life-size puzzle.

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