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Essential Guides for Designers, Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs

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Create To Get Hired

Knowing how hard it is to find any job let alone one you love, the Heart House Creative Team put together this guide with insights from our 15-+ years of experience sitting on both sides of the table hunting, gathering, and dishing up creative jobs. Helpful for new and returning designers.

For more tips on presenting yourself and your work visit our article, Show and Tell: Designer Tips For A Standout Presentation.

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Meditation For Designers

Overwhelm is a one-way ticket to burnout. We don't want that! So, download our mindfulness and meditation routine just for designers. Easy-to-follow techniques for busy bees you can do at your desk. Take a breather in the "final final final pose" or the "be the cat meme" to find your way back to the creative well.

If you want more mindfulness guidance and tips when it comes to design, don’t miss our recent article A Design Challenge You Didn't Know You Needed.

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Eco Friendly Handbook

We know how important the environment is to our readers and colleagues – That's you! We also know how overwhelming it is to figure out where to start. Enter this easy-to-digest guide! Begin incorporating eco-friendly practices and materials into yours and your team's day-to-day.

Want more sustainable design inspiration?  Make sure to also read our recent article Upcycling and Repurposing: The Design Trend That’s Not Going Away.


Pitching Your Work

Pitching to a client can be nerve city. The trick? Be prepared. Lucky for you we have a guide for just this occasion. Creating a positive and impactful experience and start building long-lasting professional relationships with six essential tips to help designers communicate their vision to a client.

Get more ideas for how to successfully present yourself to clients in our recent article, Insider Advice on Pitching And Thriving in The Creative Industry.

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