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A Design Challenge You Didn't Know You Needed

7 day mindfulness design challenge in black text with light blue and green graphics on a white background

Prevent burnout with a design routine that manages stress and boosts creativity.

Join our team in a 7-Day Mindfulness Design Challenge! Over the next week, we will explore practical mindfulness techniques for everyone inspired by the most zen person we've ever met, the lovely Nancy Good. Creatives, office people, and humans on earth. This is for you. If you're a designer, though, we encourage you to try it. Get some fresh perspective for that sideways glance and sarcastic comeback to turn your design around.



Before diving into your sea of emails, swim in silence and breathe. Yes, literally, just breathe.

Start with a Mindful Morning Ritual: A simple breathing exercise or a quick five-minute meditation can set the tone for a more focused, creative day. No incense or chanting is required–unless that's your jam.



It’s time to get into a one-track mindset for the second day of our Mindfulness Design Challenge.

Single-Task Like a Boss: Multi-tasking might seem productive, but it is actually the archenemy of creativity. Take a few deep breaths and try single-tasking instead. Focus on one design task at a time, immersing yourself fully. You'll be surprised how much more creative and efficient you are when you’re not trying to juggle twenty things simultaneously.

We know it's hard to uncurl your clutching fingers from your asana board and all those colors, but turn your notifications off for an hour and feel the freedom of freethinking and productivity wash over you. 

We won't tell if you won’t.



Get zoomed in, charged up, and thank us later.

Take Mindful Breaks: Every couple of hours, step away from your screen. Stretch, take a walk, dance or do a quick doodle–anything that breaks the digital hypnotism and gives your eyes a breather from staring at a screen.



Spend time on day four of our Mindfulness Design Challenge to declutter your workspace.

Create a Mindful Workspace: It's an organized mess until it's not. A chaotic environment leads to chaotic thoughts. Set a timer and take small bites out of it. Spend 3 minutes calming your space down. If you have a little more time, infuse some zen into your workspace with plants, inspiring art, or whatever tickles your creative fancy. Come on, you can do it in the time it takes to make your second cup of coffee in the morning, right between that email about the rush job due before noon and your computer crashing.



Dedicate one hour of your workday to a digital detox.

Digital Detox Hour: Choose an hour of your day when you are the least likely to be interrupted. Simple but true. During this hour, turn off all unnecessary digital devices and notifications. Work on a design task that can be done offline, like brainstorming, sketching on paper, or organizing your workspace. This challenge aims to give yourself a break from constant digital stimulation, allowing your mind to reset and focus more deeply. 

Almost there! You can do this. We believe in you design warriors, office chair champions, makers of things and stuff of beauty!



Today involves something we all love! Food! This Mindfulness Design Challenge makes you hungry for more hehe.

Mindful Lunch: Instead of taking your lunch in front of your computer and shoveling food into your mouth as you continue to type away, step away from your desk for a change of scenery. Pay special attention to how fast you eat. Count how many times you chew. Even if your lunch break isn’t long, use it as a break and think about something, not on your current 36 open tabs on Chrome. This can help clear your mind and prepare it for the afternoon’s work.



We’ve saved the best for last! It all ends with gratitude.

Begin Your Day With a Gratitude Note: Before the race that is your day begins, take a minute to jot down something you are grateful for. It could be a project you love working on, positive feedback, or just the fact that your coffee was extra delicious. Gratitude fosters a positive mindset, which is crucial for creative pursuits.

We are grateful for you and this community. Thanks for playing along in our 7-Day Mindfulness Challenge. It doesn’t have to stop here. Take what works for you and toss the rest.

If you did all seven days, put a like on it. If you did zero days but followed along because it seemed like a good idea, put a like on it. We're not here to judge. 

Share your masterpiece #HHCdesignchallenge and tag us @harthousecreative on Instagram!

Author: Hannah Heine

Art: Sharon Bakkas

Associate Editor: Kate Frabbiele

Editor: Jennifer Hart

Keep creating Hartists! Follow @harthousecreative on Instagram and Linkedin.


Our deep dive into mindful ways of arting was inspired by

Episode 2 of The Artist 10 Podcast, “The Flow Stays–Passion, Pain, and Play with Nancy Good.” 

Listen to the episodes on 



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