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The Flow Stays–Passion, Pain, and Play with Nancy Good

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The Artist 10 Podcast, hosted by Jenn Hart

In Episode 2, Jenn gets the grand tour while Nancy Good shares passion, play, and pain with us in her studio—or kitchen, as she calls it. Nancy, the owner of Core Contemporary, a contemporary art gallery in Las Vegas, divulges what inspires the layers of her art, how she stays connected to her art every day, and the power of play in her work. There are laughs and tears and a peek behind the canvas of one of Las Vegas’s most prolific, talented, and generous artists. 

CORE Contemporary’s mission is to provide exhibition opportunities for other artists, educational opportunities for the community, mentoring and artist development, and maintaining an arts & culture event space, all while Good works in her on-site studio. On top of running her art gallery, Good is an adjunct faculty member for Roseman University Medical School, where she brings her experience as an artist and advocate to build bridges between art and science, facilitate workshops, and design curricula to broaden the education of medical students.

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Step into the vibrant journey of Nancy Good, where art intertwines with personal evolution. Listen to Episode 2: The Flow Stays–Passion, Pain, and Play with Nancy Good on The Artist 10 Podcast. 

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900 E. Liberace Avenue, Suite B111, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Instagram @nancygood

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