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Mermaid Pants in Mom's Basement with Justin Green

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The Artist 10 Podcast, hosted by Jenn Hart

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For Episode 1, Jenn sits down with the multi-talented artist and performer Justin Green. Justin, one of the creative forces behind the performance space Mom's Basement Theater, located in Las Vegas, shares the art of spontaneity with us, how it can be a powerful tool for personal and artistic growth, and sheds light on hilarious and meaningful experiences that shape his performances, teaching, and perspective on the world. 

Queue the mermaid pants! We’ll meet you at the intersection of creativity and improv. 

On top of being a skilled improv performer, Justin is a graphic designer and Artistic Director. (Creativity runs through this man’s veins!)  As a motivated graphic designer, Green continues to learn, grow his skills, and serve the diverse communities that are so important to him. Because his theater community holds such a dear place in his heart, Green works alongside other theater owners and performers to ensure that the theater community is safe and accessible to all. “Working with a team of colleagues who believe in the same mission is incredibly fulfilling and rewarding work for me,” Green said.

Dive into the spontaneous world of Justin Green, where improv is a canvas for creativity & growth and how life lessons can oftentimes be hidden in unscripted moments.

Listen to Episode 1: Mermaid Pants in Mom's Basement with Justin Green on the Artist 10 Podcast.

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