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Copywriting Like A Kid

Inspiring Copywriting from Unexpected Places

Overthinking your art and copy can lead to catastrophe. Copy can become overworked and devoid of personality, and art can lose the heart that brought it into existence. This applies whether you're building brands, writing a novel, making a paper origami frog, or fingerpainting with the milk in your morning cereal. As someone responsible for new minds that are navigating this wild plane of existence, something new can be taught every day.

Language, especially, is a constant. There’s a word for everything my kids meet, and sometimes they decide that what you’ve called it just will not suffice. They take visual brainstorming to the next level. Preventing any unintended chaos caused by their “improvements” in the English language is a slight challenge but 100% worth it. For example, when the babysitter is here for breakfast and has to figure out what Rainbow Pom Pom means before the misunderstanding causes a toddler-size attitude.

In honor of the wonder my toddlers (and all littles) view our world and their natural creative copywriting skills that clearly are not overthought, I present to you the first edition of the Kid Dictionary.

Rainbow Pom Pom

[ reyn-boh ] [ pom-pom ]

noun 1. A puff of prismatic colors floating in the heavenly shores of milky cereal goodness.

2. Also known as ‘Captain Crunch OOPS All Berries’’

The Cap has been making cereal since 1963, and around 2001, he blessed us with “OOPS All Berries.” While it’s safe to assume their product was no accident, its new name in our household most certainly was as spontaneous as it gets.

‘Rainbow Pom Pom Cereal?’ It might be worth considering Quaker Oats, just saying.

Sun Cereal

[ suhn ] [ seer-ee-uhl ]

noun 1. A plant-based edible star at the central body of a bowl’s Milky Way.

2. Also known as ‘Honey Bunches of Oats’

I know, “another cereal,” but cereal seems to make our house run. The ‘Sun Cereal’ or as it's known to everyone else, ‘Honey Bunches of Oats’ sent its sunny rays shining out from its logo and lit the way for our creativity.


[ huhg -uhl ]

verb 1. To cling firmly or fondly to; cherish, comfort, or from affection

This last one is a bit off-path, but it’s for adorable-ness. I introduce “Huggle.” Derived from the word “Snuggle,” “Huggle” or “Huggling” is far superior because this snug hug most certainly promises oxytocin. It’s said that when you hug for 20 seconds or more, the feel-good hormone oxytocin is released, creating a stronger bond and connection between the huggers.

The magic of tiny humans creating words is an ongoing source of perspective for myself and our family. A whimsical reminder of the incredible power of language and the importance of using it to spread inspiration, joy, and positivity.

Author: Kate Frabbiele Editor: Jennifer Hart

Associate Editor: Vicki Goebner


About Kate Frabbiele

As a self-proclaimed “studio sidekick” at Hart House Creative, Kate assists in all things studio. Her even temperament and unique view of the world bring a fresh perspective to the team. That perspective shines bright in this very special segment of The Squeeze, “Kate’s Corner,” where she shares her creative insights through the eyes of her three kiddos, giving us a peek at motherhood as a creative professional. She loves drinking coffee, reading, writing, and playing piano with her howling canine friend, Turanga Leela.


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