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3 Little Things You Can Do To Make A Big Impact For Your Business

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Use these tips to perform a wellness check on your relationship with your business. Then take action to improve it.

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Take Your Business On A Date

Make a point to go to 1 event a quarter with like-minded business owners or people in your industry. Don't do it there to slam your business card on the table or make a play to schedule a business meeting. This is like a first date. Genuinely get to know people for you and them. It's personal. If you connect with someone, ask if they'd like to exchange emails to stay in touch...and wait the allotted 3-days before bugging them for a second date. Come on now. You know the rules.

Take Action: 

Visit one of these sites to start searching for events in your area.

  1. Check out your local Chamber of Commerce and small business organizations in your city

  2. Eventbrite, search by your industry and related industries

  3. LinkedIn Events: Search [your city] + events. Then click the events tab to get a list

ChatGPT is also a great resource for this kind of research. Plug in your info to the areas below in the brackets and ask it:

Make a list of events in [your city] for the [industry you are in] with attendees and speakers interested in [one of your services]

The key is to do one industry and service at a time so you get targeted results.

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Buy your Business A New Dress

Block an hour and look through the brand assets you have, what are you missing? Do you have any of those perfect little black dresses that fit in all the right places that people always say, "You look amazing in that?" If the answer is no then get your business a new dress in the form of a custom brand pattern that could only be your biz. Or, create or hire someone to write some fresh awareness creative for social. Make an impression. Your business deserves it.

Take action:

 Inventory your asset library. Do you have the following: 

  1. An impactful we-designed professional logo

  2. 2-3 brand patterns made specifically for your brand

  3. A designated font suite for your marketing

  4. A designated color palette with all color codes defined for different applications

  5. 10-15 Photos, textures, and detail shots that speak to your brand essence and can be used in your materials

  6. Icon Set designed for your company to use when explaining your services on social and on your website

  7. A style sheet or brand guide should be used to align internal and external teams on the look, feel, and voice of the company to ensure consistency

Half a collage of a black and white image of two people sitting on a couch with cartoon drawn accesories and popcorn bucket. one person has a vintage tv over their head with the Hart House Logo in the middle

Audit or create brand assets for your company. Set up a call with our team.

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Turn off and Tune In To What Your Business Is Telling You

It's easy to get busy and forget to listen to what our loved ones are saying. Your business is something you created and nurtured, so when it starts crying, listen up—even if it's saying something you don't want to hear. If a tactic isn't working, try something else. Make your goals clear, and then tune in to your business's body language–if there's no movement, that's not a good sign. 

Take Action:

It’s better to know if there is a problem. Start by reviewing analytics from your website, social media, email marketing, and any ads you’ve run. Take the time to compile these into one deck so you can see them as an overview.

Make it easy: 

  1. Take screenshots of the overview pages of your analytics reports

  2. Make a table and fill in the numbers for stats that relate to opens, clicks, number of views, and anything that would be helpful in determining 

  3. The number of people the marketing is driving 

  4. The numbers are then converted to $$

  5. Assign this as a task for your team moving forward to review monthly

Author and Editor: Jenn Hart

Meet The Author

A photo of Jenn Hart with long blond curly hair, a smile and rainbow text shirt that saya focus on all things good

Jennifer Hart is the founder and creative director of Hart House Creative and host of The Artist 10 Podcast. With an accomplished background in brand development, graphic design, and creative copywriting, Jenn's passion, flexibility, and concept-driven philosophy have delivered award-winning work for 15 years across various print and digital formats. She was a lead member of the studio team supporting The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas' brand marketing creative. Some industries her team works with include personal brand powerhouses to all-heart non-profits, food and bev faves, and unique retail and hospitality brands. The Nevada Arts Council, American Advertising Federation, and National Geographic have recognized her work throughout her career. Jenn believes in the power of community and built her company to help brands of all shapes and sizes achieve their goals through clever, concise, creative solutions.

Keep creating Hartists! Follow @harthousecreative on Instagram and Linkedin.


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