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The Inspiring Layers of Art and Community

balck and white headshot of Nancy Good with green stripes and black text

In the heart of Las Vegas, where the unexpected is the norm and the dazzling is just the beginning, stands Nancy Good – an artist who doesn't just push the boundaries; she redraws them. Nancy is the mastermind behind CORE Contemporary, a fine art gallery that has become a sanctuary for the avant-garde and a beacon for art enthusiasts. Here, she curates a world where art dares to speak loudly, challenging norms and inviting the curious. Beyond her gallery’s walls, Nancy extends her vision through a nonprofit dedicated to fostering arts and culture opportunities, as well as education and community engagement founded in equity, tolerance and inclusion ensuring her impact resonates deeply within the community and beyond. Nancy’s art speaks for itself, but it’s her involvement and impact on her local community that makes her a standout icon in a city that never ceases to amaze.

Our Founder, Jenn Hart, sits down with Good to discuss her inspiring layers of art, how she stays connected to her art every day, and the power of play in her work. 



Do you have any favorite routines or rituals in your day or year that fill your creative well?

Early morning meditations and acknowledgment of intentions, gratitude, and goals.

Where is the most inspiring place you have ever been, and how does it inspire you? It could be a place you've traveled to or a corner in your own home. Totally up to you.

Most remote natural places inspire, but there's always one that leaps to the forefront of my mind when asked, and it's sitting on the top of Uluru (Ayers Rock) in central Australia, after a pre-dawn climb. Having the blessing and opportunity (that is now no longer afforded to tourists) to meditate, play flute, sing, and simply honor those whose ancestry holds the place so sacred will forever be a memory that moves my soul.

Who is the most inspiring person you've ever met? How do they inspire you and how did you meet them?

Desmond Tutu. I had the opportunity to hear him speak in Helena, Montana. So small in stature, yet monumental in presence, spirit, and kindness, Tutu inspires by example. One person truly can change the world.

Your gallery is such a magical place. Can you tell us what inspired you to open a gallery and what you want people to feel when they’re there?

Thank you. The inspiration was simply about recognizing the desperate need for more curated exhibition spaces in Las Vegas that actually support Las Vegas artists and connect them with the greater community. #ittakesavillage As for what I want people to feel while they're in the gallery, for artists, I want them to feel supported, nurtured, respected, and celebrated. For the general public, I want them to feel inspired, intrigued, engaged, and welcomed!

We learned in your interview that you draw on personal experiences for inspiration but you also feel like a person in tune with nature. Can you tell us something about the place you live that provides inspiration either for your work or artist sensibilities?

I so appreciate living in Las Vegas, with its close proximity to a variety of natural spaces. I live on the base of Frenchman Mountain, which affords me an opportunity to hike in a rugged and beautiful desert environment whenever I desire. From our home, we can see Mt. Charleston and its incredible mountain setting, a mere 30 miles away. I regularly visit Clark County Wetlands, Lake Mead, Valley of Fire, Red Rocks, Death Valley National Park and other remote areas within a short drive. These all provide inspiration of different sorts (depending on the flora, fauna, and geology) that often find their way into my abstract works.


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Upcoming Events: The closing reception and artist's talk for "Invisible Memories," featuring Jeannie Hua, will be held on Friday, April 26, 2024, from 6 to 8 p.m. The event will be held in conjunction with Post-Invisibles, an international biennial.

6th Annual "Use Other Door" National Juried Show will open this summer. The Call for Art will be coming soon online and in our newsletter.  Visit for more information.

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