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Learning the Meaning of Hygge


Hygge is a Danish and Norweigan concept. It's a word that describes a mood of coziness with feelings of wellness and contentment (insert record scratch)–there's a word for that?

This summer, I got to see it in action on my honeymoon to Denmark. Comfy confidence at its best from the shoes on the Dane's feet to their mode of transportation to the items in their homes and restaurants. Each is an intentional choice to promote good feelings. Warmth always seemed at the heart of a space; candles (real flame candles), cozy blankets available at outdoor patios, delicious food with simple, fresh ingredients, and natural finishes when gardens (which there were many of) were not an option.

My husband, Tim, and I were so touched by the genuine people and well coziness of the place that we came home with thoughts of recreating hygge in our everyday lives. Conveniently we just moved into a new place so more in future Hart Beat articles on that. For now, and as a start, a tribute to all the natural beauty I came to know there in the form of pattern and print.

Author/Editor: Jennifer Hart

Associate Editor: Vicki Goebner



Tiki Mugs - Weird Art - Oddities

Cool Attitude. Cool Art. Cool Style.

A Moonchild tattooing Nature and Love.


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