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Get Inspired By Improv With This 60 Second Design Prompt

ripped colorful paper pieces taped together with the word Hartist Design Challenge

60-Second Tagline Toss Design Prompt

At the intersection of design meets improv, we join you for this challenge. Share with your team or use as a personal prompt to inspire creativity and quick thinking by exploring multiple answers for a layered concept. 

Let's get inspired by improv! In 60 seconds, use this design prompt to create a list of as many company name ideas as you can using the post image we created of two completely unrelated industries, a bookstore and a bakery, setting up shop in the greater Philadelphia area as inspo. 

Ready, set, go!

Share your masterpiece #HHCdesignchallenge and tag us @harthousecreative on Instagram!


This design challenge was inspired by

Episode 1: Mermaid Pants in Mom's Basement with Justin Green on The Artist 10 Podcast. Listen now on Spotify, YouTube, or wherever you feed your brain the good stuff.

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