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Rainbow Weavers For Creative Well-Seekers

Illustration of rainbow weavers

Unblock your inspo pipes with meaningful children’s books for creative adults.

Books Before Bedtime? Every Night!  

Lately, it’s been the same set of 3-5 books, and this month’s collection is pretty colorful. I try to be mindful of what we pick, even though I’m confident our small household library doesn’t have one boring book for the kids. I think this group also has valuable messages that speak to us adults. The messages often focus on themes such as friendship, kindness, empathy, resilience, and the importance of embracing one’s uniqueness. We’ll dabble in all those and more creative well-seekers!

One child holding up a rainbow. Two children sliding down the rainbow and one child sitting on top the rainbow in a crossed legged position

My Body is a Rainbow

Illustrations by Izzy Burton

The author found a way to take us through the seven chakras, each in a way that can speak to anyone. 

Take Away: I feel good after reading this book, I truly do! It could be a nice reset for anyone, especially when feeling like an overwhelmed adult. Picture books are great at simplifying complex concepts, which can be refreshing for adults who are adulting hard every day.

No one likes a book title with a small fart cloud smiling and waving

No One Likes a Fart

Illustrations by Adam Nickel

This book follows a happy green fart looking for a very best friend. 

Take Away: Not sure this one really has a message we as adults can take away from other than kids will ALWAYS find farts funny (and so do we). So, I guess that’s the message. Don’t take yourself too seriously, and crack a smile. I certainly recommend adding this book to your list. There's something about giving things a face that doesn't have a face that amuses me so much.

A small purple cloud looking up at a rainbow. A large purple Rooster. The word fart with colored lines over the f

A blue hippo falling with a smile

Animal Colors

The Author teaches us color combos like never before! For us, we love a good polka-dot any day of the week. So, you had us at the cover, Mr. Neal.

Take Away: This book is such a fun way to learn and remember these color palettes. Blue and Red make Purple by combining a blue owl and a red rooster. It creates a whole different kind of magic! I don’t know about you, but I’d love to meet a Purple Owlster. We also learned the amount of animals that can be combined through art is practically limitless. Think of all the Zoos that could run wild from your imagination!

four crayons with signs on sticks

The Day the Crayons Quit

Illustrated by Oliver Jeffers

Duncan took out his box of crayons, only to learn they had gone on strike. (Except for Green, he’s quite happy with his work as Duncan’s Crayon) Each color writes him a letter, most with terms and conditions. 

Take Away: All the energy around us, negative or positive, can get stuck to our artistic tools. Pens, computers, brushes, and cameras, to name a few. When it feels negative, I start by channeling my inner Peter Pan, who also wears green and thinks happy thoughts.

a small green plant with a smile and sunshine

The Little Sprout

Las Vegas Artist!

This book follows an adorable little plant on his journey to self-love. 

Take Away: It’s such a sweet message for anyone who may sometimes let their negative self-talk win. Sprout tells us, “It’s ok to be yourself and grow in your own unique way.”

Our team was so inspired by Sprout we drew a bunch of leaves rendered as if they were snowflakes–each one special and unique!

four unique leaves

Author: Kate Frabbiele

Associate Editor: Vicki Goebner

Editor and Illustrator: Jenn Hart

About Kate Frabbiele

Kate Frabbiele sitting with a smile and a plant

As a self-proclaimed “studio sidekick” at Hart House Creative, Kate assists in all things studio. Her even temperament and unique view of the world bring a fresh perspective to the team. That perspective shines bright in this very special segment of The Squeeze, “Kate’s Corner,” where she shares her creative insights through the eyes of her three kiddos, giving us a peek at motherhood as a creative professional. She enjoys drinking coffee, reading, writing, and playing piano with her howling canine friend, Leela Gene.


Keep creating Hartists! Follow @harthousecreative on Instagram and Linkedin.

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