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Show and Tell: Designer Tips For A Standout Presentation

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Tips for presenting your work to clients

When it’s showtime for designers to present their work to clients, the spotlight is not only on creativity but also on the delivery. Creating a positive and impactful experience is crucial for both gaining approval and building long-lasting professional relationships.


Here are six essential designer tips to help designers like you and me to effectively communicate their work to clients and other professionals.


1. Know Your Audience Like the Back of Your Hand

Before setting the stage, ensure you know who’s in the crowd. Tailor your presentation to fit the client's style—be it high-tech and interactive for the startup moguls or clean and professional for the corporate chiefs. Adjusting your pitch to the audience’s expectations and understanding can turn a routine presentation into a standing ovation.

2. Spin a Yarn They Can’t Resist

Every design is a story waiting to be told. Lead with a compelling narrative that captures the essence of the challenge and how your design rises as the hero. Weaving your visuals into a story not only captivates your audience but also shows your work in a context that highlights its value and innovation.

3. Behind the Scenes: The Making of a Masterpiece

Let them peek behind the curtain. Show off your early sketches, mood boards, and the evolution of your project. This journey through your creative process builds credibility and makes clients feel they are part of the creation, paving the way for easier buy-in and enthusiastic feedback.

4. Sell the “How”, Not the “What”

Clients buy benefits, not just the design, website, or illustration. Focus on how your work will transform their brand or user experience. How does it help them?  Illustrate the benefits with scenarios or results instead of getting bogged down in design jargon. How will your color choices increase brand recognition? Can your layout boost user engagement? Make the benefits tangible and your design indispensable.

5. Handle Feedback with Grace

Feedback is your encore. Prepare to take the stage again, addressing questions with confidence and openness. Whether it’s clarifying your choices or considering their suggestions, show that you value their input. This exchange doesn’t just refine your design; it strengthens your partnership with the client.

6. A Visual Feast: Quality in Every Pixel

Lastly, dazzle them with the quality of your presentation materials. High-resolution images on sleek, polished slides or meticulously crafted physical portfolios show that you care about details, just like you care about their business.

By integrating these tips, you're not just presenting; you’re performing. A successful presentation is a blend of showmanship, clarity, and interaction that turns first-time clients into long-standing patrons. In the competitive world of design, a memorable performance can make all the difference.


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Author and Associate Editor: Hannah Heine

Editor: Jenn Hart Art: Olivia Hepner

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