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Rethink, Redesign, Reimagine: Take The Sustainability Challenge

graphic of wind turbines in a circle and text reading a judgement free zone think to inspire change thats good for all

Join the Sustainable Design Movement and turn your passion into purpose by creating innovative, sustainable solutions that transform how we live.

In a world desperate for bold solutions to mounting environmental challenges, it's time for creative minds like yours to step up and shine.

Wield your creativity in this unique sustainability challenge and bring innovative design solutions to life. Your mission: design something that keeps waste out of landfills. The rest is up to you. Let your imagination go wild! Whether your forte is graphic design, architecture, fashion, or beyond, there's no limit to what you can craft.

Make sure to consider these aspects as you design:

  1. Eco-Friendliness: Source materials and processes that embrace and uplift the environment, creating designs that are both ingenious and green.

  2. User Health & Safety: Prioritize the well-being of those who will interact with your design, ensuring it's safe, healthy, and empowering.

  3. Usability: Build intuitive, user-centric solutions that simplify daily routines and bring joy to every experience.

  4. Innovative Design: Push the envelope and bring your most daring ideas to life.

With endless possibilities at your fingertips, this is your chance to push the boundaries of sustainable creativity. Through innovative design solutions, show the world how design can help solve one of the most pressing issues of our time.

We’d love to see your sketches, digital drafts, and brainstorming brilliance because every idea can spark meaningful change. This is a judgment-free zone where your creativity reigns supreme!

Author: Hannah Heine

Art: Olivia Hepner

Editor: Jennifer Hart


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