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Trash Art and Do What You Love with Hey Maker founder Ashley Zabarte

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The Artist 10 Podcast, hosted by Jenn Hart

In Episode 3 Jenn gets a surprise from Ashley Zabarte (like party) as they wander her creator’s space – which is also filled with other creator’s work! Zabarte is the owner of Hey Maker in Las Vegas at the Downtown Ferguson. She also runs the infamous and delightful Maker’s Market in Downtown Las Vegas and coaches artists about the arts in retail. Everything about her is a celebration of love for the earth, help for other makers, and a genuine eye for beautiful things that come from unexpected places. 

The mission of Hey Maker Co is to “empower and elevate makers and their brands” while building community and supporting the local economy and small businesses. “Part of what we want to do is create connections with makers in the community and with people who are just starting out, [to] give them a platform to stand on, so that they get a little traction and a little momentum,” Zabarte said.

Let’s go on a trash art dive together! See you at the top.

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Make Art, shop, and have fun at Fergusons Downtown, Las Vegas where they have weird and wonderful art workshops every weekend. Ashley Zabarte attends personally and continually releases light sculptures!

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