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Art For Humans – Live On and "Go Be Great" with G + Rizz

Black and white photo of G and Rizz

The Artist 10 Podcast, hosted by Jenn Hart

For Episode 5, G + Rizz, one of Philadelphia’s busiest art couples, introduce Jenn to Art For Humans by sharing their whimsical world where catchy copy and clever illustration find a love match in the form of cards, prints, and more in G’s apartment in Old City.

Their journey began with a simple idea that evolved into a collection of clever greeting cards, edgy prints, and unique custom projects. G + Rizz believe in the power of art to bring people together through shared experiences and observations of everyday life. Their work is deeply inspired by Philadelphia, capturing the essence of urban life and its multifaceted narratives​. Tenacity, creative collaboration, and much love and art await! Giggle through this episode with us to discover tips for entrepreneurship, learn how to stay inspired, and motivate your inner art heart to go for it.

Now “go be great,” and we’ll see you in Philly.

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Three image collage of G, Rizz and Jenn in G's philly apartment

Meet us where whimsy and conceptual creativity are planet-sized yet somehow fit in human-hand-size packages. Listen to Episode 5: Art For Humans, Live On, and Go Be Great with G + Rizz on The Artist 10 Podcast.

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