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Painting Safe Places and Making In A Magic Garden with Chelsey Luster

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The Artist 10 Podcast, hosted by Jenn Hart

For Episode 4, Chelsea Luster, exhibition manager at The Philadelphia Magic Gardens, gave Jenn an inside look at the whimsical mosaic wonderland that is the Magic Gardens! The episode was recorded in their appointment-only space under the galleries. Expect the unexpected when filming live in a maker’s space–moments like those make our show so special and authentic. Gracious and lovely, Chelsea shared her connection to her art, her inspired journey, and the people who have supported her along the way. A peek into the brain of a rising star while peeking behind the work of one of Philly’s most prolific artists, Isaiah Zagar.

As an artist, Luster’s work explores the complexities of safe spaces in Queer and Black culture through mixed-medium paintings and installations. Her significant series, Finding Home, features introspective mixed-media paintings and installations that allow Black, Queer, Trans, and Femme individuals to express their safe havens through textures, colors, and memories. Luster’s method is deeply interactive, involving meals, interviews, and collaborative installations to challenge mainstream media’s stereotypes. 

Do you believe in magic? Wonder is a menagerie of creativity and inspires deep connection with personal stories that come to life on canvas.

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Follow Chelsey Luster and visit the Philadelphia Magic Gardens:

LinkedIn: @chelseyluster

Instagram: @phillymagicgardens, @ChelseyLusterArt                                                                         

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