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Engagement Announcement On Social!

Now that I have your attention let me clarify. We are talking Social Engagement. It is so important to your brand’s growth & I can help you begin boosting your engagement numbers today in only 30-minutes!

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Hello friend, I’m Vicki. Owner of Social Philly. I have a passion for helping small businesses grow their brand and community by implementing proven social media strategies.

Let me guess. You want to see an increase in likes, comments, and shares on your posts. You’re posting pretty often, writing thoughtful captions, and using hashtags, but still, you don’t see a ton of activity on your account. Am I right?

Well, let me start by letting you in on a bit of a secret. Engagement is a two-way street! That’s right – posting, and ghosting will not work. If you want to see engagement increase on your account, you need to start by engaging with others. Show your community some love. Keep reading for how to start doing this today in only 30 minutes.

Each day you should spend 30-minutes engaging with others. Here’s the breakdown…

*10 minutes of engaging with your feed. Leave meaningful comments on posts in your feed that resonate with you.

*10 minutes of engaging with your stories. See a poll in someone’s story? Go ahead and answer it! Or you can send a direct message letting someone know you loved viewing their story and why.

*10 minutes of engaging with hashtags. Before you post, know what hashtags you plan to use and engage with posts within a few of your pre-planned hashtags.

Now, this isn’t a one-time deal, and then POOF! You’ve gone viral. Consistency is key! You should be engaging for at least 30-minutes each day, and let’s be honest with ourselves. We spend at least 30-minutes a day mindlessly scrolling on our phones anyway, so we should at least make it beneficial.

If you have a post planned, aim to do your engagement 30-minutes before it will go up on your feed to help boost your post.

Bonus Tip: if you have the time, engaging for 30-minutes after your post has gone up will give you a little extra boost!

Get out there and engage with your social community. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, let’s chat! Email— our inbox is always open. Happy Engaging!

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Author: Vicki Goebner

Editor: Jenn Hart

Last Updated: May 2024

About the Author:

headshot of Vicki Goebner

Vicki Goebner is the founder of Social Philly, a social media management organization that helps small businesses and personal brands grow their online presence. Vicki is passionate about taking entrepreneurs’ social media to the next level by implementing strategies proven to initiate organic growth. She is one of Hart House Creative's collaborators. Follow Vicki on Instagram @SocialPhilly for best practices to help your brand thrive.

Keep creating Hartists! Follow @harthousecreative on Instagram and Linkedin.


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