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We Ate Up Portland


Inspired by all things delicious, the team created a set of foodie icons perfect for pattern making.

Travel inspires us, whether visiting a local spot that brings charm and life to our hometown, Las Vegas or exploring somewhere far away. Every new place and face is a teacher filling our hearts and our creative well to power up and pull from for our next project. In Portland, Oregon, we found much to love and be inspired by, but the food…well, see for yourself.

We ate—a lot.

Food for reference if you want to work these great eats into your next trip. A few of our foodie stops are as follows in no particular order:

1. The Screen Door: THE BEST fried chicken sandwich of my life–my whole life.

2. Hawthorne Food Truck Pod: So there are a lot of great food trucks in Portland but this little pocket of trucks was snuggled up next to a tasty brewery with outdoor seating and one delicious bite after another of culinary wonders.

3. Doe Donuts: We were intrigued by this vegan donut spot. It’s gotten a lot of press and it did not disappoint. We had to wait in line and take what was left of their selection for the day because it was late in the afternoon by the time we made our way here. It was worth every calorie.

4. Cascade Brewing: Sour beers are made with some of the most interesting combos of ingredients I have had in a beer. The atmosphere is very chill as well, like a neighborhood bar. This place got extra points for naming one of its beers after Professor Farnsworth of Futurama.

5. Salt and Straw Ice Cream: I love ice cream. All ice cream. But this was next level. And, lucky me! I just heard this one is coming to my hometown. Woo! Yes, I did just scream for ice cream.

6. Meating Place: This was a spontaneous stop on the way out of Portland to drive to Canon Beach. This burrito started its journey just a few yards away in a separate barn-like building there's a butcher shop. The cafe was up a bit on the hill. Every bite worth the calories and the place was charming.

7. Fied Egg I'm In Love: This egg and cheese sandwich had adorable branding (which I care about lol), and if you scrolled through our photos, the look on Tim's face pretty much sums up how much we loved it. So good!

8. Coffee at Powell’s Books: Arguably not my favorite coffee of the trip, even though it was extremely good. But, the ambiance here and their baked goods made my whole self feel warm and fuzzy. Give me a three-story independent bookstore, and it will win against pretty much anything.

9. Deadstock Coffee: This was my favorite coffee of the trip. And the shop was very cool! They had a really cool display with unique sneakers that you could take a look at while waiting for your brew.

10. Ken’s Bakery: It is worth it to go in just for the smell. We shared a baguette and then returned the next day and shared a sandwich and some sweets. So, delicious and fun to eat in. The place has "a place around the corner" energy to it. The baking is happening just beyond the seating area, and people line up out the door of the small footprint. You can get glimpses of the magic happening.

12. Wine and Cheese: This was our last stop on the way out of town. We found this adorable wine, cheese, and sweets spot and couldn’t pass up sitting by their giant picture window for a while, sipping on a bottle of red wine and nibbling cheese.

With our taste buds tingling and our brains buzzing, Tim and I came home filled with a new well of creativity to draw from. These great little icons were created by the Hart House team after my trip!

I loved them so much that I used them to make these cool little patterns–Coming to a coffee mug near you? Or at least near me.

Author/Editor: Jennifer Hart

Associate Editor: Vicki Goebner



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