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Perfect Pastry and Makers That Wow

HART BEAT What Do You Fill-Like Today

Travel inspires us, whether visiting a local spot that brings charm and life to our hometown, Las Vegas, or while exploring somewhere far away. Every new place and face is a teacher filling our hearts and our creative well to power up and pull from for our next project.

Tim (my fiancé) and I are on a wedding planning journey, and no journey of ours would be complete without snacks. So, to ensure the guests at our upcoming nuptials have only the best in sweet treats, we road-tripped down to Temecula to taste some cakes and pastries to approve they were up to our very high snacking standards. Tough job, right?

We visited two spots, 1914 Bakery, and The Kilted Cake Shop. Both were delicious, and I couldn’t help but squeeze out some inspiration from these petite pastries and yummy-filled somethings. As we delighted over the treats, my mind wandered to which fonts in my library would make a great case for the taste profiles we were enjoying. I’m not kidding. I really think about fonts that much. Ha!

With good memories in mind, I played “match the filling to the font.”

This is what I came up with.

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Author/Editor: Jennifer Hart


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Keep creating Hartists!

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