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Good Beats and Good Eats

Loving the bright colors and patterns in your illustration–they’re divine!

We can literally feel the emotion in your strokes. I guess that’s why they call it expressive art. The details here are just incredible.

Your ceramic muses and whimsy brightened our day @oraclay! Keep it coming!



What a line-up of ladies doing their thing and doing it well! Your inspiration to us all! Keep the good vibes coming.

A Mobile Bar service, specializing in unique Bars and craft cocktails. Trixie the leader of the pack is a vintage deco inspired 1973 Caravan Bar.

Handmade wooden pieces with artful inlays.

James Beard TD Winner‘18, Truffle & Caviar Dinner. Yum.



Pura Vida

Travel inspires us, whether traveling to a local spot bringing charm and life to our hometown Las Vegas or somewhere far away. Every new place and face is a teacher filling our hearts and our creative well to power up and pull from for our next project.

Tim (my fiancé and travel partner) and I took a trip with the family to Costa Rica a few weeks ago. We fell in love with the colors, the people, and motto–Pura Vida. Roughly translated, it means “pure life.” And the people of Costa Rica embrace this as a way of life. It showed in everything and everyone we met. From the bright colors adorning buildings, signs, and street benches to the chef slash waiter slash owner of a restaurant that served up one of the best meals of my adult life–Thanks Miguel at Don Ramiro! It is the only time I have ever been out to dinner and greeted with, “Hello, welcome to my home.”

To say we loved this city is an understatement.

In addition, to much-needed relaxation, I came away thinking of color and decided to put together a few palettes inspired by Costa Rica and its people.

Hoping to see you again someday Costa Rica. Till then, Pura Vida!

Author/Editor: Jennifer Hart


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