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Make a Splash of Color


Seeking Shades Under The Palms

Travel inspires us, whether visiting a local spot that brings charm and life to our hometown, Las Vegas, or exploring somewhere far away. Every new place and face is a teacher filling our hearts and our creative well to power up and pull from for our next project. Color is a constant in design, and what better way to catalog our travels than to pull unique palettes from each nook of the world we visit?

Palm Springs was such a treasure for a weekend. Tucked at the bottom of a mountain’s edge, this picturesque palm-strewn desert oasis sprung to life for one of my best gal pals and me. With incredible food, street art, and quirky places to browse or have a cocktail, it’s no wonder that the city has been an escape for A-list celebrities. I was not sure what to expect from this city but was pleasantly surprised to find it filled to the brim with heart.

…And one just because. Amidst all its other wonders Palm Springs hosts a pretty amazing zoo with an African exhibit where you can feed giraffes. Swoon!

Till next time!

Author/Editor: Jennifer Hart


Pattern makers are a new-old obsession. So, this month we are highlighting some ladies that are bringing their fresh eye to pattern and surface design. Love it ladies! You could say we want to put your work on repeat. ;)

Pattern designer living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Philly-based pattern artist.

All images ©nancy wolff.


Feed Your Brain the Good Stuff

We are what we eat, and our brain needs a nourishing helping of something inspiring if it’s expected to keep creating quality. Color is so crucial to the process of design. Check out this Adobe Color tool that allows for palette play and a pretty sweet library of color combos. Peek at current color trends to see what our fellow creatives are weaving into their work. EXPLORE TRENDS.


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Keep creating Hartists!

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