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Brand, Unexpected Art, and a Beginner's Guide to OOH

This month The Squeeze is especially brand-focused. We are also out of home but in the know. So, pull up a citrus berry tea and get a fresh blast of inspiration with a cup full of industry know-how.


'Brand' has become so overused as an industry term. This is unfortunate because it does perfectly describe the essence of a company. For this article, in an effort to avoid putting it out on the internet another four or five times, I will refer to the “b-word” here as biz-buzz–Just for today. Whether you like the word or not, some form of biz-buzz development is worth your consideration as a business. Having an outline of what your company is, what it looks like, why it looks like that, and who it's for is a recipe for how to sell your service or product effectively. There are varying degrees of brand development and identity development to look at implementing. All are important, but they can be stepped out in stages, if planned according to your business's unique needs and goals. There is no one-size-fits-all in marketing and design. It’s a what comes first game based on budget (another unpopular b-word) and initiatives. These are all things an agency or boutique studio like Hart House Creative can help you figure out. (hint-hint, wink-wink). Having a roadmap to follow and a guide showing you how to build the marketing consistently and logically is a game-changer for most companies.

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Author/Editor: Jennifer Hart


Filling the well while keeping the faucet on is always a challenge, at least in this designer’s opinion. To keep myself motivated and fresh ideas flowing, my go-to-gotta-have-it is travel. Even if I just go down the street to somewhere new–that counts.

This month I went a bit further than down the street, and it was wonderful! A trip to Temecula, California, was just what the design doc ordered. Nature is one of the world’s most gifted artists.

After soaking in the beauty of this place (and soaking up the wine we drank), a quick stop just outside Las Vegas was in order as we headed home. Have you ever driven by Primm to or from California from the Las Vegas valley? You might miss it on the otherwise desolate road to California if you blink. The largest Texaco in the state, a rollercoaster famous for its drop and an opportunity to buy a lottery ticket might entice you to stop here, however, if you drive past Buffalo Bills to the end of the parking lot. A strange and wonderful thing has happened to an abandoned mall here–Art. A lot of art. All were commissioned from a collection of 34 well-known graffiti artists and muralists from around the world. Their work fills the gaps where stores once were. Prizm Outlets’ “Mural Oasis” is free public art–just walk in the mall during its daytime hours. It is one of the largest collections in the world, involving over 93,000 square feet of 126 street art murals. According to their website, the project was created to be a fully immersive walkable experience by utilizing the most powerful and engaging art form.

While unique, it’s a bit haunting to walk through. It feels a smidge dystopian, an almost empty mall with dried fountains and half-filled gumball machines. That said, it’s also very cool and worth the quick 20-minute stop to stretch your legs. I hope they continue adding to it. It would only get cooler. If you’re into old west trivia, as a bonus, you can also ride the escalator at the north end of the mall to the top and check out Bonnie and Clyde’s shot-up old getaway car and a few other artifacts. The mall is connected to Buffalo Bills.

Author/Editor: Jennifer Hart

Photo Credit: Tim Rudloff @timrudloff


Not so many years ago, outdoor advertising used to be mainly associated with roadside billboards, which are still often utilized by gas stations, eateries, and resort casinos "up ahead.” However, the industry is changing more than just its acronyms with digital technology.

What exactly is OOH Marketing?

Out-of-home advertising (OOH) is a marketing strategy that involves using outdoor advertising spaces and platforms such as posters, traditional billboards, digital signage, or electronic media. It can be a highly effective way to reach the right audience at a time when they are out and about and not being distracted by their cell phones, home or work computers, and other devices.

The market is vast and growing at a rapid pace. It is estimated that $38 billion will be spent on OOH in 2022 and $44 billion by 2026, according to What’s driving this upward advertising trend? Several factors are responsible, including the pandemic, device burnout, ad-free streaming content, and privacy concerns, but the primary reason is digital technology and the tools to measure and track consumers in a way that wasn’t previously available to the OOH industry.

Small business operators who are trying to make the most of a limited advertising budget to top marketers with billions of ad dollars now have the necessary data to know the effectiveness of their OOH campaigns and the ability to adjust them in real-time.

Major Types of OOH Advertising

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, billboards are the most familiar outdoor ad space, but they are no longer the boring and often ignored static ad space of yesteryear. Evolving to large-scale digital signage displays with dynamic ads that can be changed out on the fly based on nearby consumers, all in real-time and remotely.

From high traffic areas like bus shelters, kiosks, POS displays, taxis, subways, dedicated monument displays to entire sides of buildings, OOH advertising is everywhere where people are on the go, often in an eye-catching and dynamic way with movement, vibrant colors and options like cycling images and interactive ads.

Brands Utilizing Digital OOH (DOOH) Advertising

Allstate, Geico, CVS, streaming services Netflix, HBO, Disney, Apple, and McDonald's are just a few familiar brands making the most of this growing industry and advertising platform. The good news is that OOH and DOOH aren’t just for the big players with billion-dollar budgets. Small to medium companies can significantly benefit from OOH campaigns as well. In part two, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of OOH, tips for setting up a campaign, what programmatic marketing is, and how it may work for you. Hint: It starts with a cohesive marketing plan and a deep understanding of your target market.

Author: Eden Landrie

Editor: Jennifer Hart

A few Instagram accounts filling their feeds with top-notch design inspiration in April.

Ms. Anna Davis and your partner in design crime, Daniel Rueda–So many props. Concept + whimsy makes our hearts flutter. Admire the full use of space in these layouts. Beautiful.

A thing of beauty. We love the vibrant colors and intricate patterns Pippa Shaw is weaving with perfect symmetry and absolute design precision. Lovely to behold! Thanks, Pippa!

I can’t help but admire a fellow brand pro. I love the clean lines and exciting palettes being used. Standing O for you EK. Keep killing that color game.

That’s it for this month’s squeeze to get your creative juices flowing. To learn more about brands we've worked with follow @harthousecreative on Instagram or check out the testimonials on our site. Keep creating Hartists!

Hart House Creative Team Know an inspiring maker? Dm, us @harthousecreative on Instagram for a possible feature, and give us a follow while you're there to fill your feed with positive design and art vibes.


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