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Shopping Locally from Vegas to Philly

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Make it all mean something Merry for all!

Shopping locally is a small win for small biz and a big step for the win in our communities (all year long). It can have several significant benefits for business owners in our hometowns, communities, and the economy. And just in case you’re still not convinced of the superiority of this shopping strategy or the need for your Aunt Carol to have a new Ficus or an enamel pin that says “It’s Called a Hoagie,” well here are some compelling reasons to support small, local businesses–

Community Growth: When you shop at small, local businesses, you directly contribute to your community's economic development! These businesses often hire local employees and reinvest a large portion of their earnings back into the local economy. Way to go, Neighbor!

Personalized Service: Small business owners are typically more invested in their customers and can provide a higher level of personalized service. They often know their customers by name and can tailor their offerings to meet local needs and preferences.

Cultural Enrichment: Local businesses, such as independent bookstores, art galleries, and music shops, can contribute to the cultural richness of a community. They often showcase local talent and foster creativity!

Unique Products and Services: Local businesses often offer unique and specialized products or services you may not find in larger chain stores. This can lead to a more diverse and vibrant marketplace.

Ethical and Sustainable Practices: Many small, local businesses prioritize ethical and sustainable practices, such as sourcing products locally, reducing waste, and supporting fair labor practices.

In this November's Gift guide, we feature small businesses from the glowing cities of Las Vegas and Philadelphia.

Check ‘em out! Shout ‘em out! Make it count!


@cherishfranklin - She will quilt you the very definition of comfort!

@Queendom Cultivation - Alternative & Holistic Health Service

Home for our spiritual wellness - Queendom Cultivation set out to bridge the gap by offering natural tools, remedies, and healing practices in one location.

@Bontany Las Vegas - Nurseries & Gardening Store. Largest indoor & aquatic plant shop in NV! They also offer so many services that big box stores don't offer. Repotting, maintenance, rentals, and even plant sitting!

@Eclectically Domestic - Offbeat, funky apparel and home decor delivered conveniently to your door.

@Pearls of Gratitude - Author. Poet. Teacher. Artist - commission poetry, event hosting, poetry reading.

@heymaker - From selling handmade jewelry and sculptural home goods to over 30 shops across the United States! Hey Maker has been helping artists grow within their community.


@The Artistloft - A store in Conshohocken featuring art by local artists!

@Open House Philly - Your one-stop shop for last-minute gifts and everything Philly!

@South Fellini - Apparel for the Philadelphia Lifestyle - South Fellini specializes in remixing Philadelphia's iconography into fun parodies and colorful mashups. Trov and Zito produce tiny enamel pins, tee shirts in all sizes, 30-foot billboards, and hand-painted murals.

@grantblvd - The fashion at Grant Blvd is sustainable and inclusive, and they’re fighting economic injustice. - Supporting Sustainable Production - Together, we have the potential to reshape the retail industry and create a world where ethical and sustainable practices are the norm, leading us closer to a climate-resilient planet for future generations.- from their blog

@anovelidea - East Passyunk - Community-minded bookstore, witch shop, & event space. Queer, woman-owned. "This indie bookstore (one of many great lit shops in Philly) is your one-stop shop for discovering local and small press authors, as well as bestsellers, at the welcoming East Passyunk location". - Thrillist

@gandrizz - A collection of clever cards, edgy prints, and funky custom projects. G and Rizz create art that is relatable, funny, and inspiring!


Author/Editor: Jenn Hart

Associate Editor: Vicki Goebner

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