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2022 Design Trends Part 2

In part two of design trends, let’s take a look at three more styles that we are sure to see bleed into 2022 as well.


Designers continue to cozy up with hues of gold and jewel tones this year, although the color palette has shifted toward warmer, richer tones. Exuding modern luxury and warmth, deep dark jewel tones like emerald green, garnet, and cobalt look fantastic when paired with gold or even brass.

For inspiration, head over to and check out Andrey Serkin’s project featuring Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey (warning: it’s a thirst trap!).


Move out of the way shy type – big, bold, and unique are in! Here are three to consider:

  1. While its name may not sound very PC, short, fat fonts are just one of many type styles slaying it in 2021. Also known as low x-height, this type of style is super modern and leans futuristic.

  2. If you spend any time browsing the web, surely you’ve come across websites using outlined fonts paired with oversized filled text. Just be careful if you choose this style – sans serif typefaces and all caps will help ensure your message doesn’t get lost.

  3. Serifs are back! Okay, so they didn’t technically leave, but they certainly took a back seat to their more minimalist cousin, sans. However, after spending an entire year staring into an unknown and uncertain future, serifs are here to comfort us and fulfill the craving for nostalgia.


While 2020 was a bang up year for revealing all that desperately needed to change in our world, 2021 became the year for brands to not only step up to the plate but show what they are bringing to the new world table. Smart brands are choosing to showcase positivity, diversity, sustainability and authentic representation (think beauty brand Dove’s® Real Beauty campaign) like never before. This is one design trend we hope continues for years to come.

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Author: Eden Landrie

Editor: Jennifer Hart



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