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How to Apply a Brand Strategy and Brand Guide

Let your conscience guide your actions and brand guide inform your company decisions. So far, here at The Squeeze, we’ve shared the path of building a company with a brand-first approach with our Branding Map. Guest expert, Eileen Lemish, showed us all the power of Discovering Unique Tone of Voice Through Branding, and fellow brand expert Lauren Gouvea shared with us how to use branding to Create Connections with Customers.

So, you’ve followed the map, you’re creating authentic assets, including a brand guide and tone that creates a connection with the target audience. But strategy and guides are only useful tools if you use them. How do you use the brand strategy and guide created to apply all this beautiful authenticity to your marketing?

It’s not a secret! We’ll tell you.

Step 1: Commit This step is short and sweet–Commit to the rules you’ve set in the strategy and brand guide. This is your playbook to win the big game.

Step 2: Share

Use your brand guide and strategy docs as a teaching tool for staff and partners. Ensure all internal parties have access to the playbook, so everyone is on the same page and understands the importance of following along. Consider team training to communicate the real meaning behind the playbook.

Step 3: Remain Consistent

Be a champion of your strategy and brand guide. Believe in it so much that the mere thought of straying makes you ill. Consistency is one of the foundational elements of successful marketing. A mixed message can confuse your audience and water down your product/service.

Step 4: Resist Temptation

Trends are fleeting. It will be tempting to stray when a flash in the pan seems to be burning bright but stick to your guide and the company ethos defined. It will build lasting impact rather than short spurts of interest. If you think a rising trend in marketing could fit in with the strategy, by all means, marry them and capture the flag! But DO NOT sacrifice your genuine spirit to succumb to a fad.

Step 5 Review

Block time to regularly review marketing assets and internal communications to make sure the language and look is saying the right things. Reference your brand guide and strategy docs to check these important pieces.

Step 6: Be cautious Protect your authenticity. This is especially important in the early stages of the brand building when the audience and partners are getting to know you and learning to trust you. Everyone person you choose to work with, every job is done, and every customer pleased is a credit or discredit to your brand. Be thoughtful and stay true.

Author/Editor: Jennifer Hart


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